March 29 Explore The Bible Study: Video and Discussion Helps

6:31 PM

Peace and hope. These are two words that are currently at the top of the conversation list. As I watch the news and read social media, there are stories of people who are looking for peace in this troubled world. In addition, over the past days, I have heard many more stories about hope. It's amazing how God has provided for us during this challenging time, the March 29 Explore the Bible Study that focuses on peace and hope. I pray that God will use this session to remind believers of the peace and hope they have in Jesus Christ and to help unbelievers realize that the only source of peace and hope is Jesus Christ.

As you guide your group to look at Romans 5:1-11, challenge them discover all Paul used to describe the amazing results of being declared righteous by faith (Romans 5:1) through Jesus Christ. Help them to understand that, if they know Jesus Christ, they can have peace and hope in the midst of anything they face. This should give them cause to rejoice and share with those who are struggling with finding peace and hope in this troubled world.

The following video presentation provides an option for you to use if you aren't comfortable using an online meeting platform; you can share the link to this web page or the link to the following video:

The downloadable teaching ideas provide ways to communicate the study of Romans 5:1-11 via email with options for live discussions via online meeting platforms such as Zoom.
LifeWay has graciously provided digital access to their curriculum and additional resources to help you continue to disciple your group from a distance.
  • Weekly Adapted Teaching Plan - This is another teaching plan along with suggestions on how to communicate with your group during the week. Click Here for this week's plan.
  • Ministry Grid: All Curriculum - Includes the Leader Guide, Commentary, Group Plans, Social Media Posts, the Personal Study Guide, and the Daily Discipleship Guide. The study guides may be downloaded and shared with your group as an attachment.
The downloadable teaching helps suggest you email the link to this southern gospel song to your group. You might want to listen to it as well and enjoy the message. Here is the link to the song:

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