Explore the Bible: What's the Sign

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How many of us have totally missed or ignored a warning sign before? If you commute to Nashville, TN or have ever driven through Atlanta you will observe probably one of the most ignored signs on the road - the HOV sign. In the Nashville area alone there are more than 64 miles of HOV lanes according to TDOT and they are in the process of upgrading signs and markings on Interstates 24, 40 and 65 at a cost of $2.9 million! Yes, we have signs and more signs but many will still probably ignore them. There was another group that ignored signs as well. These weren't road signs but signs that pointed to the Messiah. In our Explore the Bible study: What's the Sign, we will explore those signs they missed and the one's they ignored.

Here are some ideas to help you with the LOOK UP portion of the study that should help your group begin the conversation:
  • Funny Signs: There is a website that collects funny signs. While you will need to be careful in choosing the ones to share it can serve as a great resource for beginning the discussion. The website is www.funnysigns.net.
  • Yield Sign Challenge: Draw a yield sign outline on a markerboard. Poll the group to see if they think yield signs are yellow and black or red and white. Many will choose yellow and black. Yield signs haven't been yellow and black since 1971.
  • Deer Crossing Road Sign Conversation: This is very funny! Click to Listen I have also provided the video below.

Here are some LOOK IN questions for examining Matthew 12:39-40:
  • Why do you think the Pharisees needed a further sign? 
  • Why did Jesus call the scribes and Pharisees an evil and adulterous generation based upon their request for a sign (v. 39)? – Jesus referred to times in the Old Testament when Jeremiah and Hosea had used adultery as a symbol of the Israelite people’s unfaithfulness to God because of their persistent idolatry and rebellion.
  • What made their request so wrong? What is the difference between honest inquiry and demanding confirmation? (PSG, p. 126) – This group demanded a sign as if anyone should demand anything of God.
  • Why do you think Jesus responded by giving them a sign related to His death, burial, and resurrection?
  • Why is the reality of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus not enough for some to believe in Him.
  • How could you explain to someone why you believe in His death, burial, and resurrection?

After the Dropbox file opens choose DOWNLOAD and print once it is downloaded.

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