Explore the Bible: In His Service

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On the afternoon of Thursday, January 14, 2-year-old Noah Chamberlain went for a walk in the woods with his grandmother and his older sister. While in the woods near the grandmother’s home in Pinson, Tennessee, Noah wandered away and disappeared. Authorities were called and a thorough search of the woods began immediately resulting in almost 1000 volunteers responding to the calls for help. It is amazing to see people respond when they see someone who is in desperate need of help. Jesus challenged His disciples and us to "look" and respond to the needs of a lost and dying world, in this week's Explore the Bible Study: In His Service.

The previous illustration is a part of this week's plan. It is adapted from LifeWay's Extra Teaching Helps. These volunteers braved the cold and rough terrain to search for little Noah. They located Noah after one week; unfortunately he did not survive the ordeal, but the searchers had not given up until they located him and brought him home to his parents. As believers, we should respond to our world in the same way; never giving up until we are able to rescue those who will respond to the gospel.

As you teach this week's study, consider using the following as a part of your plan:

News Video: Search for Noah Chamberlain

Challenge Questions for Matthew 9:35-36
  • Look back on your weekly interactions with people and the things you have read and heard. 
  • How are people like “sheep without a shepherd” today?
  • How is your compassion level for them? 
  • Do you dismiss those who aren’t like you? 
  • Do you overlook or ignore people’s needs, especially for the gospel, or are you moved with compassion?
Discussion Questions for Matthew 9:37-38
  • If we are to pray as Jesus instructed, who should we focus on praying for first? Should we pray for God to send forth workers if we aren’t willing to serve?
  • How can we participate with God in the harvest by serving inside the walls of this church? (There are places everyone can serve – teaching, choir, orchestra, first impressions, children’s ministry, student ministry, ushers, etc.)
  • How can we participate with God in the harvest by how we live outside the walls of this church?
  • Can we measure how compassionate we truly are about God’s mission by how we serve at church? By how we live at home? By how we interact with others during the day? Explain your response based on how Jesus modeled what we are to do – preaching, teaching, and healing (ministering).
Video Option for Matthew 10:1-8
The following video link takes you to a video demo from the Skit Guys that illustrates the importance of not forgetting about those who need to hear about Christ all around us: It's Your Move


After the Dropbox file opens choose DOWNLOAD and print once it is downloaded.

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