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As believers we all have opportunities to be witnesses, and, based on Matthew 28:18-20 and Acts 1:8, everywhere we go and everyone we meet can lead to an opportunity for us to live on mission with God by sharing our faith. Being obedient is the key. This is the focus of the Explore the Bible study: Obedient.

I have included a unique way for you to explore the application of our text. As you study the life of Philip the evangelist from Acts 8:26-40, I suggest you enlist a "witness" to read the parallel story I have provided. The story is an actual account of a witnessing opportunity. The "witness" storyline is provided at the end of this post.

You can lead your group to discover through this approach how to respond to the opportunities God has given them to have the most important conversation they could ever have with someone.

I have also provided two options for the LOOK UP portion of your study that could be used to introduce the study:
  • Option One – Acrostic: – Display the word "OPPORTUNITY." Think of words that would create an acrostic that describes places you go on a daily or weekly basis. Examples might include work, your favorite coffee shop, grocery store, dining spot, retail store, or places you go with your family such as a soccer field or baseball field. (Discuss as items are listed)
  • Option Two – Paper: List on a sheet of paper the places you go on a daily or weekly basis. Places might include work, your favorite coffee shop, grocery store, dining spot, retail store or places you go with your family such as a soccer field or baseball field. Share with others in the group once you compile your list.

WITNESS Story Line

I want to introduce you to Guy and Melissa.  They had not been married long and lived in an apartment in Panama City, Florida.  They were searching for God but did not know how to start a relationship with Him until one day someone was willing to talk with them.  Now Guy and Melissa are walking with God because God orchestrated my life to intersect with theirs so that they could start a new relationship with God.

We all have opportunities to witness to people.  There are people who are just like Guy and Melissa who are searching for God.  Throughout our study you will hear about my encounter with Guy and Melissa.  I hope that my story will provide ideas that will enable you to witness to others.

Acts 8:26-29
A change in routine is the most difficult thing.  We all get comfortable with doing things just the way we always have.  Many of us set our daily goals, then move out to accomplish them and nothing gets in the way including opportunities we might have to witness.  When we are this busy we don’t always listen to the Spirit’s gentle leading to share Christ with someone unless they are on our list of “to do’s” for the day.  

I was somewhat that way when God’s Spirit prompted me to witness to Guy and Melissa.  I had been very busy doing things at church when someone asked me to contact Guy and Melissa. Between those church activities and my other obligations, I just didn’t feel as if I had time. I had a decision to make—do I visit with them, put it off, pass it off to someone else, or just forget about it altogether?

When the Spirit prompted me to visit Guy and Melissa I began to rationalize about why I shouldn’t.  I thought, “I don’t feel good tonight,”  “I have been real busy; it won’t hurt to go home tonight,”  “They probably don’t want someone to come to their home.”  As I considered their needs and compared it to my excuses I realized I had no other choice but to “get up and go” so, I “got up and went!”

When I arrived at Guy and Melissa’s apartment I found them both home and eager to talk about God.  They had a lot of questions about their visit to our church. I knew by their initial response God was orchestrating a great opportunity that might lead to one or both of them responding to the gospel. I was so glad that I “got up and went” to visit with them.

Acts 8:30-35
Once they expressed an interest in knowing more about our church they invited me into their home. Our conversation initially focused on things we had in common.  I typically find common ground with individuals before I talk about spiritual things so I inquired about their interests such as family, work, and hobbies.

I then inquired about their past church experiences and their experience visiting our church.  It was at this point that they began to ask questions about Christ.  I shared with them my testimony and asked them the following question, “In your personal opinion, what do you understand it takes for a person to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?” They were unsure.  I then asked permission to share with them the gospel.

Acts 8:36-39
After Guy and Melissa gave me permission to share the gospel with them, I shared with them that forgiveness was available to all because Christ died to pay for our sins and offer us forgiveness.  I emphasized that forgiveness was not automatic because we needed to turn from our sin and toward God and that, if we would turn, He would forgive us of our sins and we would have the promise of an eternal relationship with Him.  At this point I asked both of them if they wanted to receive Christ.  They did, so I helped them talk with God and express to Him what they had just expressed to me.

After we prayed we celebrated what God had done and I asked them to write down the passage, Romans 10:13, “For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”  I explained to them that they called upon the Lord so they can be assured that they are saved. This did not end our visit.  We began to talk about what it meant to be baptized and what it meant to belong to a local church as well. I also scheduled a time to follow-up with them so we could talk further about growing in Christ.


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  1. Tank you for doing this. I really enjoy your study material. It helps me a lot. I especially like your transitions since this is something I struggle with.


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