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If you could ask God any question regarding prayer, what would it be? Do we truly believe God answers the prayers of those who humbly seek Him? What if prayers aren't answered in the manner we think they should be? Should we use prayer as a way of bargaining with God? While we may have questions regarding prayer, as believers we can never stop doubting the power of prayer to the One who saved us! God does respond to the prayers of those who humbly seek Him. Prayer is where we begin our journey through the book of 1 Samuel as we begin our first session in LifeWay's Explore the Bible Study: Answered.

This week's blog post does not include a sample teaching plan, but it does direct you to some information that will help you prepare to introduce 1 Samuel and the first session of the study.

Commentary References
Opening Illustration - "Pay to Pray"
The Explore the Bible Extra teaching helps provides a great story related to prayer that you will want to consider using. Here is the link: Session 1: Answered!

Below is a video related to the story:

Music Idea
Consider using the following music video:

This week's study serves, not only as an introduction to 1 Samuel, but to Hannah's humble and desperate prayer to God regarding her infertility. This led Hannah to a life-changing encounter with the Lord. We, too, can approach God and share our deepest frustrations and heartfelt desires because we can trust Him with the outcome. We can also turn our prayers to God toward the needs of others who are facing challenging situations.

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