Explore the Bible Study: What About the Future

10:05 AM

Every year the National Weather Service strives to make everyone aware of the impending threat of a hurricane. Part of their work includes helping everyone prepare for the possibilities of a hurricane. Preparation of a different kind is our focus this week in LifeWay's Explore the Bible Study: What About the Future. It is about being prepared for the return of Christ.

In Matthew 24, Jesus has left the temple area where He had just predicted the destruction of the temple which took place in 70 AD.  He goes to the Mount of Olives and begins to teach his disciples about the second coming of the Son of man at the "end of the age".  He gives very specific instructions about how to prepare for this return in Matthew 24:36-51.

Background Study
The Days of Noah (Matthew 24:37) are used to described life prior to Jesus' second return. Here are some thoughts from Adrian Rogers that might help you understand more fully the scope of all that will be taking place:


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