Explore The Bible: A Changed Family

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I am sure most of you have family members who don't know Christ. If so, then you understand the pain that comes with knowing they haven't responded to the gift of salvation. You understand the stress that comes with spending time with them when you don't have much in common. But, what would happen if your entire household came to know Christ on the same night? Imagine the joy and peace that would come if this were to take place! We see this happen in the Explore The Bible: A Changed Family session this week.

Through the obedience and unwavering faith of Paul and Silas, a jailer and his entire household come to know Christ in Acts 16:22-34. Who knows what impact this had on others in the community of Philippi and beyond. One can only imagine what God would do through the conversion of this jailer and his family. But, what if Paul and Silas had responded differently to their circumstances? What if they had escaped when the prison doors were opened? What if they were moaning and groaning because of their circumstances instead of singing to God? What if they had let the jailer kill himself? But . . . they remained faithful and God changed an entire family!

I have expanded the passages to include Acts 16:19-40 in order to help keep a focus on the context.

The following illustration and/or video could be used to reinforce the emphasis on responding in a way that helps us present the gospel, even in the most difficult situations.
  • Illustration Option - In the movie, The Insanity of God, the true story is documented of Dmitri, a Russian Pastor imprisoned for not recanting his faith. Every morning in jail he would stand up, face the east, raise his hands, and sing a hymn to God while the other prisoners spit, mocked, and cursed him. When he was finally being taken to his execution 17 years later, those same prisoners stood up, faced the east, raised their hands, and started singing "O God Give Me Strength!" Dmitri's life was spared! 
  • Video Option: This video recounts the story of Dmitri as described above.


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