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Fake news has become a catch phrase for our society today. We are always challenged to verify if something is accurate when we hear or read it. This scrutiny should drive us to be more diligent in accurately sharing the gospel message. Adding additional things to the purity of the gospel turns the gospel into no gospel at all, thus creating fake news! This session, True Gospel, gives you a chance to teach the essential and only elements of the gospel while challenging your group to learn how to accurately articulate the gospel to those who have never heard, are confused, or have been led away by a counterfeit gospel. The gospel is not only good news it is REAL NEWS!

Explore the Bible curriculum focuses on the study of Galatians and James during the coming weeks. We will spend time viewing the gospel from two vantage points. In Galatians, Paul spoke to those trying to obtain salvation by means other than the pure unadulterated gospel, and James speaks to those who claimed to have salvation but their lives did not exhibit any visible evidence. The two books serve as companions to one another as the gospel is clearly defined and explained.

We begin by focusing on Galatians. Paul's heart was broken by the way believers were led astray as ours should also be. We face the same challenges today as the gospel becomes diluted by man's opinions in order to accommodate our sins or to manipulate others.

As you prepare to study and present this week's session consider using the following in your background study:

Trevin Wax blog, 6 Counterfeit Gospels. Use the material to help with leading your group to identify the inaccuracies in each statement that is provided as a part of the downloadable teaching ideas.

Galatians 1:1-5, The Man and His Message, Alistair Begg

Galatians 1:6-10, Only One Way, Alistair Begg

Galatians 1, God's Free Gift, Gene Getz

The downloadable teaching plans provide a series of inaccurate statements about the gospel that could be used to help your group determine how to avoid embracing these beliefs and helping others understand the truth about the gospel.


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