Explore The Bible Study: Submission

7:36 PM

I certainly don't recommend this, but if you search the internet for articles or other information related to the subject of submission, you will discover just how perverted and polluted this concept is portrayed in our culture today. Yet, from God's point of view, this is not a bad or demeaning word. This is what this week's Explore The Bible study: Submission, will help us understand.

Our TARGET this week is this statement: "We are to submit our entire lives to God." The downloadable teaching ideas contain an outline that first focuses on what it means to submit to God based on James' use of the term in James 4:7. It then outlines these areas that we are to submit to God:
  1. We are to submit our positions (our view of ourselves) -- James 4:8-10
  2. We are to submit our opinions (our view of others) -- James 4:11-12
  3. We are to submit our plans -- James 4:13-16
Be sure to check out the questions and illustrations as you consider how best to lead your group through this very important passage related to submission.

Here is an overview of James 4:1-12 that you might find helpful as you prepare this session.


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