Explore The Bible Study: Not Alone

9:42 AM

We may feel as if we are alone at times. If we believe in Christ, then we should not forget that God is always present with us. We should be ready and looking for God to speak. When He speaks we should listen; we should commemorate what God says; and we should change the way we live after He speaks. This is the content of this week's Explore the Bible Study: Not Alone.

Loneliness is something we will all most likely experience at some point in our lives. We can be surrounded with people, or walking down a crowded street, or spending time with family, and still feel alone. That feeling of aloneness can be overwhelming.

Whether our loneliness is due to our own sinful choices as was the case with Jacob, or because of circumstances beyond our control, God still desires to redeem us and to realign us with His purposes and plans. Let’s see what we can learn from how God worked with someone who was definitely a flawed human being, to remind him of God's grace, presence, and promises.

The Downloadable Teaching Ideas provide a guide for helping the group move through Genesis 28:10-22.

The following link provides an overview of the passage that you will find helpful as you prepare: CLICK TO VIEW


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