Explore The Bible Study: Jesus Sends

5:30 AM

Do Christians really believe that Jesus authorizes, sends, and expects us to go to others and share the gospel? Most will say yes, but do our actions reflect that belief? These are some of the questions a group must consider as they study this weeks Explore The Bible Study: Jesus Sends.

In a LifeWay Research post entitled, Church Believers Believe in Sharing Faith, Most Never Do reveals the reality of what believers truly believe.

When we look at these statistics and compare them to the authorization Jesus gives the disciples in Mark 6:7-13 and later, the authorization He gives the church in Matthew 28:19-20, then we must take a deep look into what we truly believe we are to be doing as believers.

As you guide your group to look at Mark 6:7-13, challenge them to consider whether or not they are doing what Jesus has authorized us to do -- to share and show the love of Jesus. Lead them to examine the instructions Jesus gave the disciples and to consider which of the instructions would stop them from going. Then lead them to consider what prevents them from sharing Christ today.

The Downloadable Teaching Ideas will help you guide your group through this passage. While this message might be very familiar to us as believers, we need to remember that we are also authorized to go on His behalf. For us, the question is, “Are we doing what we have been authorized to do?”


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