Explore the Bible Study: Jesus Commands

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"I do believe; help my unbelief!" (Mark 9:24, CSB). Have you ever approached Jesus with this same struggle? We all struggle with doubt, yet we can overcome doubt when we place our faith in Jesus and His work. We must first have a relationship with Jesus. That is our first step of faith. But, life continually tosses situations in our path that challenge our faith and can cause us to doubt that the One who saved us can actually work in any given situation. This is the focus I will take this week when guiding the Explore The Bible Study: Jesus Commands.

Mark 9:14-27 gives us a glimpse into the heart of a father who is struggling with doubt. His struggle with doubt is magnified by the doubts of the disciples, the crowd, and the scribes who are described in this passage.

As you guide your group, prayerfully consider all the issues that they are facing. You will have a great opportunity to discuss challenges people are facing and to what extent they are trusting in Jesus to help them with those challenges.

This is not the last time someone would struggle with doubt. Even though the disciples observed Jesus' power to cast out demons, heal the sick, forgive sins, and perform other miracles, they would still be plagued with doubt as Jesus neared the cross.

We, too, struggle with situational doubt. We may have confidence in our salvation, and we may have observed Jesus working in the past, yet when life throws us a curve ball we often slip into doubt. We must continually combat that doubt by coming before Christ in prayer, seeking the support of other believers, and holding on to our hope in Jesus as this man did.

When we approach Jesus as this father did, Jesus will respond!

Consider using this powerful video as a part of your closing, or send it out in advance to your group, challenging them to consider how Jesus can help them overcome doubt in whatever situation they are facing. Encourage them to attend the group session to learn more.


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