Explore the Bible Study: Living to Do Good

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We hear about "Random Acts of Kindness" publicized in the media. We use terms such as "Pay it Forward" to express a desire to do good works. Many schools and universities require mission or service projects as a part of their curricula. It is interesting that, in a world filled with so much divisiveness, there is still an emphasis on such things. As believers, we should be setting the bar for good works, but why? Paul tells us in this week's Explore the Bible Study: Living to Do Good. 

It's amazing how one simple act of goodness toward someone can change a person’s life. Here is a recent story about the good works of one little girl and how it changed the lives of so many. Something so simple was so meaningful.

Things to Consider as you Study or Lead a Study of Titus 3:1-11

Titus 3:1-2
  • We see the word “submit” again in this passage. How difficult is it for us to submit to rulers and authorities?  Why?
  • Is it difficult to live out Titus 3:1-2 without feeling as if we have compromised our beliefs?
  • How do we do good works, given the current climate? 
  • How do we stand up for what is right and still do good works? 
  • How do submitting, avoiding slander and fighting, and being kind and showing gentleness help us to be ready for every good work?
  • What do these actions communicate to the lost world regarding our faith? 
  • How does being ready for every good work help us build bridges to the gospel? (As believers showed the evidence of their transformation through Christ, they could build bridges to others, conveying His amazing grace toward all people.)
Titus 3:3-7
  • Paul reminds Titus in verses 3-7 about our salvation. This should motivate us all to respond to the lost with good works.
  • The most important word in this passage is the word “but” in verse 4. But God. It wasn’t our good works that saved us, but God saved us! The good works Paul is telling Titus to lead the church to be ready to perform was not an attempt to earn something but in a response for what has already been given – their salvation through Christ alone!
  • Because we have been given such a gift and because we are being regenerated and renewed by the work of the Holy Spirit (v. 5), we must remember to continually live lives that are different than how the world might live.
Titus 3:8-11
  • Did Paul feel that doing good works was an option? (see word "insist" in v. 8) 
  • Why do you suppose Paul seemed to be so harsh regarding divisive people in verses 9-11? (The health of a congregation and the message of the gospel was at stake if divisive persons were left unchecked.) 
  • A believer who is focused on doing good works and not on debating or arguing will not create divisiveness in the church or destroy bridges for the gospel to the lost.
God sends people across our paths every day. When we live with integrity and gentleness and do good to others, we will be demonstrating that we are different because of Who we know and Whose we are. We need to be sensitive to these opportunities and learn how to devote ourselves to good works. The world needs to see genuine faith lived out each day.


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