Explore The Bible Study: Remembered

9:08 PM

I never enjoy showing my driver's license. I worry that every time I give mine to a TSA agent in the airport, he/she won't confirm that the picture is really me. Yet, after the agents eyes glance from the picture to my face and then back to the picture, it seems that he is comfortable that the i.d. matches who I am. As we study this week's Explore the Bible Study: Remembered, we need to remember that, if we profess Christ as our Savior, we have been given a new identity in Christ. Along with that new identity comes a new way of living and looking at life as well. If we are believers, we are who the Scriptures say we are. Our I.D. is correct.

Paul was very adamant that believers understand their identity in Christ. This is his focus in the entire first chapter of Ephesians and is expanded upon throughout the entire letter. He knew that understanding this would impact every action and attitude! John MacArthur has a great statement regarding this,

“Only when we come to understand how our lives are anchored in eternity can we have the right perspective and motivation for living in time. Only when we come to understand our heavenly citizenship can we live obedient and productive lives as godly citizens on earth.” [MacArthur, John (1985). MacArthur New Testament Commentary - Ephesians (p. 37). WORDsearch. Retrieved from https://app.wordsearchbible.com.]

As you guide your group to study Ephesians 1:15-23, guide them to understand that, if they are believers, they have been spiritually adopted into God's family according to His plan which existed before the creation of the world. Christ has redeemed them, forgiven them, is enlightening them to His truth, and has already given them His inheritance in heaven. They are not who they once were. Their I.D. has been updated!


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