Explore The Bible: God Judges

7:18 PM

“I can’t” – “I’m afraid” – “I give up”
Can you give personal examples when you or someone you know used one of these phrases? Can you give examples of when you have heard these phrases used in a church? (we can’t; we’re afraid; we give up.) These words were expressed by the Israelites as they moved toward the promised land. The Explore The Bible Study: God Judges, deals with the results of expressing this kind of doubt about God.

The Israelites saw the obstacles before them and were so overwhelmed that they refused to follow God’s leading. As you study Numbers 14:1-24, consider how the Israelites' view of their circumstances compares with some of the things you have faced? How did you respond? How is their response similar to the way people in the church respond to following God?

As you guide your group to study this passage, lead them to also consider how they respond to people who rebel against God. Perhaps they (we) should learn to respond as Moses did, pleading to God to offer grace and forgiveness.


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