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Have you ever made a bucket list? Did it include trips? Even if you don't have an official bucket list, there are some things you would like to do during your lifetime. As you look at LifeWay's Explore The Bible Study: Compelled and the study of Roman's 1:1-17, you will discover that the Apostle Paul had something on his bucket list. It was a desire to visit Rome and minister to the believers in Rome and to preach the gospel in Rome. 

As you guide the study of this passage, move your group toward considering a "gospel bucket list." Paul uses some powerful words to describe his passion for the gospel such as:
  • Set apart for the gospel of God - Romans 1:1
  • Obligated to share the gospel - Romans 1:14
  • Eager to preach the gospel - Romans 1:15
  • Not ashamed of the gospel - Romans 1:16
Research: The Term "Apostle"
The following links take you to information that you might find helpful in explaining Paul's use of the word, "Apostle."
The Complete Gospel Message
The following can be used to help guide the discussion of Romans 1:2-4. In these passages, Paul lays out the complete gospel message which also emphasizes the resurrection. This can help your group understand the importance of presenting the entire gospel message and could be used to encourage them to begin having gospel conversations.

Jimmy Scroggins, pastor of Family Church, West Palm Beach, Florida, shares this story regarding the importance of the resurrection. He was on a mission trip and was witnessing to a group of people. He says, “People were engaged. I told them about Jesus and the perfect life he lived and the death He died. I explained how He died on the cross for my sins and their sins. I told them that if they repented and believe in Jesus, God would forgive all their sins. People responded.”

He goes on to explain what took place following this powerful experience when he sat down with the missionary with whom he was working: “He thought I had given a great effort. He told me he was proud of me and that my passion really showed. There was just one problem, he said: I had failed to preach the gospel. He went on to explain that I didn’t tell the Filipinos that Jesus rose from the dead. I preached part of the gospel, but not the whole gospel.”

Source: Turning Everyday Conversations into Gospel Conversations, LifeWay Christian Resources, pp. 34-35.

This video tells the same story as described by Jimmy Scroggins. (Note: The first 3 minutes of the video provide the illustration)

Paul was eager to see the Roman believers and share the gospel in Rome. It was on his "bucket list" along with sharing the gospel with others beyond Rome. Lead your group to consider the actions they need to incorporate into their lives so that their “gospel bucket lists” might be fulfilled.


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