Explore the Bible and Video Study: Accepting

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There are two instances in my life when arguments that took place between believers really had an impact on me. One related to a conversation I had about the reputation of a certain church for having fights during business meetings, and the other was an event in which I was guilty of participating. In both instances Paul's advice to believers about arguments in Romans 14:1-12 should have been at the forefront of my mind. This is why this week's Explore the Bible and Video Study: Accepting is so important.

It was well over 25 years ago that I had the conversation with someone regarding a local church in the area. The person asked me this question, "Do they still have fights during their business meetings? They have really earned the reputation of having some huge fights including people being escorted out of the building due to their anger."  It saddened me that this church had earned this reputation among other churches. I wondered how the lost world viewed the situation as they looked on.

Rewind many years earlier when I was a young, passionate seminary student. I remember sitting in a local Denny's pulling an all-nighter study time for finals. I was studying with my cousin who was also attending seminary, and we began to debate some theological issue. I don't even recall what the issue was now . . . that shows how "important" it was! Our debate turned to a semi-loud argument that prompted another seminary student at another table to come over and remind us that we were only hurting the cause of Christ through out "debate." This was so embarrassing to the both of us because we knew, at the end of the day, our debate wasn't going to solve anything.

In both of these instances, we see how disagreements and differences among fellow believers can escalate into something that only hurts the cause of Christ. Because of this I suggest you take Paul's wisdom to heart in this week's passage, Romans 14:1-12. Here is a summary regarding how we should respond to believers with whom we disagree:
  • Accept anyone who is weaker in their faith.
  • Don’t argue about disputed matters.
  • Don’t look down on other believers.
  • If you believe something strongly, respond with respect to others' views when it comes to issues that aren’t of theological significance.
  • Remember, we have all been saved by grace, through faith in Jesus Christ. We are all learning to walk the path of Christ together.
The ideas give you a "script" for teaching online or sharing via email.

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