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What advice were you given growing up regarding the “birds and the bees?” Do you feel it was adequate? If you were giving wisdom to young people today regarding healthy sexual relationships, what would you include? Proverbs 5:3-11 and 15-18 includes the advice Solomon gives. The Explore the Bible Study, Following Gods Design will focus on his advice.

Most likely, somewhere in your lifetime you will be a part of a building project. It might the building of a new home, building a church building, or some other project. One of the most important steps is developing and following a blueprint. Could you imagine someone not following a blueprint when building a home? It would lead to poor construction, confusion, and a lot of mistakes along the way. The finished project might not even pass inspection!

I find it interesting that we expect builders and other contractors to follow blueprints. We follow blueprints for just about anything we do; yet when it comes to moral issues, society proclaims that there aren’t any blueprints, especially regarding sexual relationships.

God created humans as men and women; sex was part of His creative plan. Failing to follow His design for sex only leads to problems down the road. Solomon addressed the traps awaiting those who ignore God’s design and the blessings awaiting those who follow God’s design. The passage for this session will focus on God’s wisdom regarding appropriate sexual behavior. Although Solomon focused his attention on adultery, the instruction covers the wide range of sexual sins that tempt believers to ignore God’s design and make foolish choices.

I pray we will all learn something from this study what will give us the courage to follow, and encourage one another to follow, His blueprint! May we be willing to let others speak to us when they see us drifting toward sexually immoral situations. May we consistently teach our younger generations the value of healthy sexual relationships within the context of biblical marriage.

The ideas give you a "script" for teaching online or sharing via email. This week's helps include a suggested humorous video you can send to your group in advance.

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Consider sharing this link with your group if you are unable to meet online, or share it with your church members who aren't connected to a group.

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