Accepting Discipline: Explore the Bible Study

11:38 AM

Did you ever receive discipline growing up that you felt was inappropriate, unfair, or too harsh? How did you respond? How does that shape your view of discipline today? Accepting discipline will be the focus for this session of Explore the Bible.

Proverbs 29:2-3 provides the two environments in which godly discipline will be discussed -- the community and the home. It states:

When the righteous flourish, the people rejoice, 
but when the wicked rule, people groan. 
A man who loves wisdom brings joy to his father, 
but one who consorts with prostitutes destroys his wealth.  (CSB)

Imagine living in a community that is heavily influenced by wise Christian leaders including godly church leaders, godly parents, and godly government officials. Those leaders unashamedly demonstrate their Christian faith and they act justly and live wisely. Verse 2 tells us that, in this setting, the people in the community rejoice!

However, when wicked leaders are placed over a community, the outcome is not the same. Instead of rejoicing, the people who live in their shadow find themselves groaning over their predicament. People are troubled as they observe social and moral values being corrupted by the views of the godless leaders. Wicked leaders will refuse to be disciplined and they are unjust in the ways they administer discipline to others.

Godly discipline is not only vital for the community, but it is vital for the home. Verse 3 leads us to think specifically about the home as it describes the joy that a man who loves wisdom will bring his father. Imagine watching your child blossom into a Christian leader in his or her home, church, and community. Imagine observing them using God’s wisdom in order to be the light of Christ in a dark, broken world. This proverb points out that this kind of response to godly discipline in the home will bring joy!

However, this isn’t always the outcome parents experience. If a child is stiff-necked and refuses the discipline of God or the parents, then the family can be torn apart. The child’s self-indulgence will put them on the path of satisfying their lusts. The expression of lust described in verse 3 happens to refer to prostitutes. Of course, lust takes a wide range of forms, but its outcome always takes the shape of destruction. Entire family fortunes can be wasted on a self-absorbed child’s foolish indulgences.

Despite these negative outcomes, there is an optimistic future for God’s people who have been made righteous because they placed their trust in Him. They will flourish, and as a result, the people in their community and family will rejoice. The resolve to live in a way that pleases the Lord emanates from a genuine love for His wisdom.

The downloadable study and the video Bible study will expand on all that Proverbs 29 has to say regarding godly discipline and it results for both the community and the home.

The ideas give you a "script" for teaching online or sharing via email.

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