Explore the Bible Study: God Acts

7:30 AM

When you hear the term “one-of-a-kind,” what do you think of? I think of a snowflake. It’s my understanding that no two snowflakes are exactly alike. When a person or thing is described as one-of-a-kind, we are led to believe that it can’t be duplicated by human hands. It’s unique and can’t be copied. The Bible tells us that there is only one true and Holy God; He is one-of-a-kind. The Explore the Bible Study: God Acts, focuses on the importance of believing that there is only one true God.

When people doubt that God is one-of-a-kind, they communicate more than what they realize. For example, if there were more than one god and if our life depended on these gods to act on our behalf, to which god would we turn? Which god is the creator, or did a god create anything at all? Perhaps man created god. When you doubt that God is one-of-a-kind you call into question His ability to do anything including determine your path in life today and your eternal destiny when you die. Additionally, the doubts of people will not change the fact that God is God and He is at work to bring about His plans, whether we believe He is the One true and Holy God or not.

Throughout Isaiah 46:3-13 God reminds His people about who He is as the one true God. Each "I" statement God uses describes another aspect of His character as the one true God. This should lead all of us to realize how ludicrous it is to depend on anything more than we depend on God.

God asks a question in Isaiah 46:5 that we should all try to answer: Who will you compare me or make me equal to? While believers may be less inclined to bow down, as the Israelites did, to physical objects, the temptation for idol worship still remains. Possessions, popularity, power, and position are idolized in our culture. Isaiah’s repeated warnings remain true today, cautioning believers not to exalt anything or anyone above the Lord. We must remember that anything we depend on outside of God can become an idol. These things will always let us down because everything, other than God, is temporal.

God told His people in Isaiah 46:8 to remember this and be brave. God’s people were going to be going through a terrible time of judgment and to experience some terrible difficulties while in captivity. They needed to remember that the God who created the universe, made a covenant with them, delivered them, sustained them, blessed them, and guided them, is the same, “one-of-a-kind” God who would still be there during their captivity and would ultimately restore them.

As believers, our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus! Jesus Christ, the Son of God is the One who saved us, is walking with us, sustains us, and will eventually deliver us from all that we are currently experiencing.  God is always at work moving this world toward His ultimate plan of redemption, and we are a part of the grand plan. We should remember this and be brave!


The Bible study helps have been modified in order to provide opportunities for both online and face-to-face teaching venues. Ideas in boxes will be provided for engaging groups more when meeting in person. The boxed items could also be modified and used for online discussion as well. 

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