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Most people, and quite possibly you and I, ask Jesus to heal someone physically more often than we ask for forgiveness. This poses a question that will be asked by Jesus in the Explore the Bible Study: Forgives. In Luke 5:23, Jesus asks the question, “Which is easier? To say, ‘Your sins are forgiven you,’ or to say, ‘Get up and walk’?”

We need to look at our expectations of Jesus today as we examine this passage and ask what we truly believe He can and will do. Do we truly believe He forgives sin completely? If so, how do our lives demonstrate that we have been forgiven? How do our prayers and actions toward others demonstrate that we believe Jesus can forgive sins? Or do we only look to Jesus as a healer of disease, a protector from danger, a provider of blessings, or a deliverer from danger? None of these are bad, but we must understand that the primary reason Jesus came was to provide forgiveness of sin.

When you examine how Jesus healed the paralytic in Luke 5:17-26, you will discover that He challenged the Pharisees, the scribes, a house full of people, and us about the power He has to, not only heal the physical body, but to forgive and restore the spiritual brokenness that is caused by sin. He is the only One who can forgive sin.

As you study or guide a study of Luke 5:17-26, consider the following:

  • Are you a friend to others who need to get to Jesus for forgiveness? Will you do everything in your power to bring them to Jesus? Don’t be like the crowd or the Scribes and Pharisees. Be like the paralytic’s friends and make a way for others to come to Jesus so they can receive forgiveness.
  • Are you a walking witness of Christ’s forgiveness? Are you celebrating His forgiveness and spiritual healing by how you live?
  • Is it hard for you to believe that Jesus can forgive someone or even forgive you? Perhaps this is why your (our) prayers focus more on physical healing, protection, direction, blessings, and not on forgiveness. Never forget that when someone comes to the Lord and asks Him to save, cleanse, and forgive them, He does; they’re forgiven and placed into the family of God.

Romans 4:7 reminds us, “Blessed are those whose lawless acts are forgiven and whose sins are covered.” If you have received Christ as your personal Savior, then you are forgiven! Celebrate it, live like one forgiven, and bring others to Jesus so that they might be forgiven!

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The Bible study helps have been modified in order to provide opportunities for both online and face-to-face teaching venues. Ideas in boxes will be provided for engaging groups more when meeting in person. The boxed items could also be modified and used for online discussion as well. 

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