Explore the Bible: Where Wickedness Rules

9:53 PM

How does God express his justice, grace, and mercy where wickedness rules? 

As we seek to answer this question this week in our Explore the Bible study, we need to remain focused. We could chase the comparison rabbit and get on a tirade about our culture as it compares to Sodom & Gomorrah. We could park on trying to provide archaeological evidence as to the existence and location of Sodom & Gomorrah. We could venture down the path of trying to explain the existence of angels. We could chase additional rabbits, some that are valid topics to discuss. But try to focus during this particular examination of these passages on three elements – sin, the consequence of sin, and the grace of God.

Understand that Lot deserved to be destroyed because he was a sinner as we well know by what took place during and after he was delivered. But God’s grace was extended to Lot.

Lot’s story is our story!

Like Lot, we deserve the punishment and judgment of God as much as anyone in our culture – We are sinners and the consequences of sin are death and eternal judgment. But God, in his mercy, chose to reach down and take us by the hand and pull us out of the path of impending judgment.

As believers we are heirs to the covenant established through Abraham (Galatians 3:6-9), but sadly, like Lot, many of us allow ourselves to be influenced by the culture around.. We compromise and compromise until we don’t realize how far away we have drifted. There are others who have never received God's gift of salvation through Christ who desperately need to know that God is waiting to take their hand and pull them out of judgment's path.


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