Explore the Bible: A New Name

11:07 AM

While the title of this week's Explore the Bible session is "A New Name," the focus is not on the renaming of Abram and Sarai. The focus is on answering the following question: "How can delays in God's work increase my faith?"

Delay causes us to doubt how God is going to work. Many times we express this doubt with questions like:
  • Is life going to ever get better?
  • Am I ever going to experience the fullness of joy the Bible describes?
  • Are the things God has promised ever going to be fulfilled in my life?
  • Will I ever get past this circumstance I am experiencing?
  • Can God actually work in this situation?
We can learn a great lesson about God's delays and our faith as we look at how God spoke to Abraham and Sarah during their times of doubt. We need to come to the point that we accept that:
  • Whenever God speaks, regardless of how impossible His message may seem, His words demand unqualified acceptance.
  • God cannot be constrained by human perception, or even by the laws of nature, since He is sovereign over everything that He created.
  • The essence of faith is to believe God, whatever He may say.
Philip Nation of LifeWay provides a great overview of this passage: Click to view.


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