Explore the Bible: More Than A Prophet

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So many people long for peace. Most of the time they turn to a leader who they feel can just "fix" things so they can live life without turmoil, pain, or obligation. Sadly, when we look for this kind of person, ruler, or king, we want that person to be formed and shaped into the image that matches our criteria. This was the case for those welcoming Jesus into Jerusalem in LifeWay's Explore the Bible Study: More Than A Prophet. 

Jesus came in on a donkey which symbolized peace, but His peace was much different than what the people desired or even expected. His peace was not for a country, for a world, or for a region. It was for the heart of mankind (your heart). It is the kind of peace that only comes by responding in obedience to the King who conquered sin, death, and the grave!

If you search Google for content, please observe where that content has been generated. If you use any search phrases using words such as Jesus, Jesus the King, Jesus a prophet, Jesus God's Son, you will most likely be directed to Mormon research first. Verify all content including research, videos, and images to make sure they aren't of Mormon (LDS) origins or any other non reliable source.

PowerPoint images are available to use as needed. CLICK HERE TO VIEW AND DOWNLOAD

Fulfilled - Throughout the remaining study of Matthew this word rises in significance. Challenge your group to consider the significance of this word and to look at the Old Testament passages referenced each time. Point out the supernatural circumstances that brought about the fulfillment of these passages. Here are some of the passages from the Old Testament referenced during our study this week:
  • Isaiah 62:11
  • Zechariah 9:9-10
  • 2 Kings 9:13
  • Psalm 118:25-26
Lord - When Jesus gave instructions to the disciples in Matthew 21:2-3 regarding selecting a donkey, He used the word Lord to describe Himself. This word means "Master." Observe the directives and promises Jesus gave to His disciples in this context. Use it to discuss the importance of obedience and how Jesus guides us when we obey.

I have provided a list of strong and challenging reflections questions based on the study. Be sure to end with a strong challenge regarding the kind of king we might be tempted to try and make Jesus become. Here are the questions:
  • Do you want to cheer on a king like we cheer on our favorite sports team when they enter the stadium, only to boo them when they don’t play like we think they should?
  • Do you want a king who goes after those who aren’t fulfilling our agenda? 
  • Do you want a king who takes down those who oppose our moral views? 
  • Do you want a king who exacts revenge on those who have oppressed us? 
  • Do you want a king who brings peace to our country and world so that we can live without any kind of oppression?
  • Do you want a king who changes our external circumstances or one who invades our heart and cleanses it of all unrighteousness?
  • Do you want a king that will examine our temple (heart) to see what is unclean?
  • Do you want a king who will "fix" our circumstances or "fix" us?
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