Explore the Bible Study: His Presence

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It is human to long and search for happiness. Society today spends a large amount of time seeking the answer. A recent Ted Talks presenter revealed the results of an ongoing study entitled, Harvard Study of Adult Development. The study has been following 724 men and their families for 75 plus years to try and determine what made these men happy. His conclusion was that the one primary ingredient that brings happiness is healthy relationships. Not surprisingly, this study did not emphasize the first and only relationship that brings eternal happiness – our relationship with Jesus Christ. LifeWay's Explore the Bible Study: His Presence drives home this truth as we look at Psalm 84:1-12.

My approach to this weeks session is entirely different than the original teaching approach. Instead of focusing on elements of worship, I am focusing on the elements of a healthy relationship with Christ. Throughout this passage the psalmist uses the word "happy" or "blessed" to describe this relationship. The emphasis throughout the psalm is that true happiness is only found by pursuing and experiencing the presence of God.

I have focused the TARGET of this session accordingly: True happiness is only found through pursuing and experiencing the presence of God.

In an article entitled, CS Lewis on Real Happiness and Real Christianity, the author summarizes CS Lewis' views on happiness from his book, Mere Christianity. His summary helps provide the context for Psalm 84:1-12.


PowerPoint - Several slides are provided for you to use or to reference for your discussion. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

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