Explore the Bible Study: The Creator

7:36 PM

As I looked for images from graphic providers for this blog post, I discovered very diverse views of worship. Most images portrayed individuals as they worshiped, places of worship, or types of worship including the worship of idols and false religions . For the most part, most images focused on individual responses and not group or corporate acts of worship. This might be more revealing than we might want to admit as believers. Many times Christian worship focuses on individual approaches, views, and preferences instead of the object of worship - The One True and Living God. This is why I have tweaked LifeWay's Explore the Bible Study: The Creator, to focus on what I am calling, The Heart of Worship.

While Psalm 95:1-11 does focus on worshiping God as Creator, there is so much more in the passage that needs to be emphasized. I have provided an alternate approach that focuses on the TARGET - God, His presence, His work, and His grace should be the focus of corporate worship. 

The alternative teaching approach focuses on the corporate nature of worship instead of individual, private worship. I feel that the psalmist's use of the plural pronouns "us, we, and our" points to the reason we are to worship corporately as did the Israelites throughout the Old Testament.

Be sure to check out all the ideas provided. I think it will challenge your group and you to evaluate how much value is placed on and the expectations we have for corporate worship.

Optional Video: Use for the opening discussion.


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