Explore the Bible Study: Set Free

10:40 AM

What is the relationship between sin and guilt? Do you have to feel guilty before you are guilty of sin? Do professing Christians find it difficult to strike a biblical balance between the justice of God and the love of God? Do they sometimes feel guiltier than they should? If so, why? Do they sometimes ignore sin because of God’s love? If so, why? These are all questions that will be explored in LifeWay's Explore the Bible Study: Set Free.

The guilt of sin can feel like a weight we carry with us everywhere we go. As you study Leviticus 16:1-30, you will discover that God provided a way for Israel to be forgiven and free from the guilt of sin through the sin offerings and the Day of Atonement. This picture of atonement pointed toward the permanent and eternal atonement for sin which Christ paid on the cross. Those who respond to Christ's invitation of salvation can experience, not only forgiveness of sin, but the removal of guilt from sin!

Lead your group to celebrate the fact that the burden of sin and guilt can be lifted away because of God’s provision through Christ!

Tweaked Approach to Leviticus 16:1-6
Instead of focusing on drawing out elements of worship in this passage, the supplemental teaching ideas focus on the TARGET of the study - "God promised a way for His people to be free from the guilt of sin." It contrasts the actions of the high priests to prepare for the Day of Atonement and the preparation Christ took to prepare to atone for our sins once and for all.

The focus is on how God prepared a model with Aaron that culminated in Christ’s preparation to become our sacrifice, our High Priest, and how this should change the way we view the seriousness of our sin and the forgiveness of our sins.

Video or Song Lyrics for LOOK OUT (Application)
The following video could be used to help celebrate the fact that God lifted the burden of guilt from us at Calvary.  There are two versions of this song available in the additional teaching ideas document. The teaching ideas also provide the lyrics to read if video isn't an option.


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