Explore The Bible Study: God's Holy. We Aren't. Now What? (Different Title Suggestion)

9:59 AM

For many years, payphones were an important means of communication. Every minute of use cost the caller some money. When they ran out of time, they would have to “offer” or put more coins in the coin slot. So what does this have to do with our Bible study session? This is an illustration that I suggest using to introduce the session as we transition the Explore the Bible Study from Exodus to Leviticus. Due to the focus of the book of Leviticus, I suggest a title change for today's lesson: God's Holy. We Aren't. Now What? 

Obviously, the Israelites did not use payphones to communicate between themselves and Holy God. They had a tabernacle and the accompanying functions. They didn’t put quarters in a phone, but they did  have to make continual sin atoning sacrifices in order to remain "connected" to Holy God.

The payhone illustration can be used, not only as an introduction, but to wrap up the session as you will see in the teaching ideas.

Resources to Consider.
I have revised the original plan and the direction of the session considerably. Here are some resources you can use to prepare and to use during the session.
Video Option for Introducing Leviticus


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