Explore the Bible Study: Farewell (Original Title: Delivered)

11:31 AM

Saying farewell is always a challenge in my family. When Becky and I were first married and we would leave my parents house after a visit, we knew we would have to plan at least 30 minutes of time to say goodbye because my parents just didn't want us to go. In LifeWay's Explore the Bible Study: Farewell (The original title was Delivered) based on Acts 20:22-35, Paul is basically saying goodbye to a group, explaining to them that he most likely won't ever see them again. Because of this, he provides them with some final words of wisdom regarding how to live for Christ.

In a world that is driven by power and greed we see Paul demonstrate and communicate with us an example of how a Christian should lead.  We lead in our homes or in the church by being on guard, being alert, and serving alongside of fellow believers or those "who are weak" in their faith. We do everything we can in order to fulfill our appointed course and ministry which is ultimately to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. We leave nothing on the table; we give it our all.

The teaching helps provides several video options as well as some very specific discussion questions that will lead your group to evaluate what needs to change in order for them to live according to Paul's words of wisdom.

Video Option: Consider using one of these video clips to open the session:
Video Option: Humorous video to illustrate Paul's Advice Related to Being a Shepherd


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