Explore the Bible Study: The Testimony

10:21 AM

I love to hear people tell stories about their families, travel, or work experiences. I have a friend who is a great storyteller. When he tells a story about one of his life experiences, you are captivated by the details and the first-hand account. The Apostle Paul was also a great storyteller, especially when it came to telling his story of how he received Jesus Christ. In this weeks Explore the Bible Study: The Testimony, from LifeWayPaul's story of salvation will help us understand how to tell our own stories: the testimonies of our encounters with Jesus Christ.

You can use Paul's testimony to guide your group to focus on how they can better share their salvation story. Their personal story is perhaps the greatest gospel they can share with others. Because of its value, it is vitally important that we confidently and accurately share our stories and the gospel.

Expanded Passages
The teaching ideas expand the passages to include the following - Acts: 21:39-40 and Acts 22:1-22

Consider asking each group member to write down the following points on a blank sheet of paper, an index card, or in their Explore The Bible study guide during the session. These points will help guide the discussion during the session. I have provided a brief explanation of each point as well.
  1. Identify with People. As was the case for Paul, our experiences from the past can help us have meaningful conversations that could lead to gospel discussions.
  2. Tell our Story. Paul was ready to talk about the events that took place leading up to his salvation, those involved in leading him to Christ, the need to call on Jesus for salvation and for the forgiveness of sins, and the importance of being baptized in order to proclaim his faith in Christ. We should be able to tell this part of our stories as well.
  3. Describe our Life and Purpose Now.  We, like Paul, should be able to clearly describe how God has changed our lives since we were saved and how He is working in our lives.

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