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We all love a good celebration: from royal weddings, with which most of us had no connection, to birthday celebrations, to end zone football celebrations, and everything in between. And, when we celebrate, we tend to act in ways we otherwise wouldn't normally act. This week's Explore the Bible study: Celebrated, examines how David celebrated the joy and excitement he had because of God's blessings and presence. As we examine these passages, some of us will wonder if David went too far with the celebration. Some of us will question whether we celebrate these blessings enough, based on how David responded in worship. We can learn how to respond when people around us celebrate God’s presence in unusual ways. Hopefully we will all gain more insight into how we can honor God as we celebrate Him through worship.

Discussion: Consider opening by sharing things that are celebrated on June 17th. Here are some of the "national celebrations" that are designated for June 17th: Global Garbage Man Day; National Apple Strudel Day; National Eat Your Vegetables Day; National Stewart’s Root Beer Day; National Cherry Tart Day; National Turkey Lovers’ Day – Third Sunday in June (See June National Days Calendar)

Video Option: The following video could be used to supplement the discussion related to how crazy people get when they celebrate. Click to Play Video

LifeWay's Extra teaching ideas provides a great illustration related to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding that is included in the downloadable teaching helps.

While the following audios from J. Vernon McGee are dated, he provides a good contextual understanding of what was taking place in 2 Samuel 6:1-23. Source: Blue Letter Bible
Dancing for an Audience of One - Explore the Bible Blog Post
The following comments/questions from this blog post are great challenges for us personally and for our group:
  • "Worship is a time not for promoting ourselves but for humbling ourselves before the One we delight in."
  • Questions for Further Thought: What do you think is the most important aspect of worship? How can we make sure all of our forms of worship honor the Lord?

This image could help your group understand how the City of David looked during this period. The City of David is only a small portion of what is known as Jerusalem today.

This image is of Hezekiah's tunnel that provided water to the City of David. While this tunnel was built later, additional tunnels, similar to this were built by the Canaanites. A tunnel similar to his could have been how David's men entered and conquered the City of David. -- 2 Samuel 5:1-8

Lead your group to respond to the following:
  • Do you find yourself evaluating or criticizing how others are worshipping instead of focusing on how you worship God? 
  • What would take place if you quit watching others? How would that change your perspective on worship?
  • What are our reasons to celebrate Jesus Christ today?
  • Lead the group to voice sentence prayers beginning with, “Lord, I celebrate You because …”
Every believer has reasons to celebrate because our heavenly Father has declared our independence from sin and death through His Son, Jesus Christ!


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