Explore the Bible Study: Crowned

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If we know that we most likely will face pain or difficulties when acting on God’s plans, why should we follow Him? You may have asked this at some point in your life as a believer. King David knew all too well the pain and difficulties of following God. He had already seen and experienced so many difficulties. The Explore The Bible Study: Crowned, now examines what took place after David was proclaimed king in Hebron (2 Samuel 2:4). One would think that the moment he was proclaimed king, all his trials would end. This is not the case. 2 Samuel 3:1 describes the fact that a "long war continued between the house of Saul and the house of David."

Through this long conflict, God continued to work to bring about a unified kingdom in Israel. God was not only working in the heart and through the leadership of David but through an unlikely individual named Abner. As you follow the events that unfold in this session of Explore the Bible, consider how you will lead your group to evaluate their willingness to carry out God's plans.

As Christians we need to take this passage and evaluate our commitments and loyalties to see if we are also allowing God to use us. When we realize that God is at work, we need to respond as Abner and David did. Both of these men recognized that God was working to fulfill what was promised, and they responded in ways that can only be explained as steps of bold faith, each one taking a chance on the other's loyalty and faith in God.

Ideas for Presenting this Session

The downloadable teaching ideas include the lyrics to the hymn, Be Still My Soul. Reading the lyrics and discussing the difficulties of having a "still soul" when walking with God could be a great way to introduce the session. Consider using the following video in place of reading the lyrics - CLICK TO VIEW.

Conclude by sharing all the ways Abner responded when he realized God's plan for David. Here is a list to consider:
  • He confronted Ish-bosheth, 2 Samuel 3:8.
  • He proclaimed to Ish-bosheth that God had chosen David to rule over Israel and Judah, 2 Samuel 3:9-10. 
  • He initiated conversations with David, 2 Samuel 3:12.
  • He acted on David’s terms, 2 Samuel 3:15. 
  • When he ordered Paltiel, Michal's current husband to go back, the husband obeyed, 2 Samuel 3:16. 
  • He negotiated with all the tribes of Israel and convinced them to unite with Judah under David, 2 Samuel 3:17-20.
  • He continued to carry out his commitment by leaving the banquet in order to prepare for the process of unification, 2 Samuel 3:21.

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