Explore The Bible Study: Obedience

9:43 AM

Why is it that when we walk by mirrors we always want to stop and make sure we look o.k.? Maybe it's because it reveals anything that might need to be corrected. James describes the Bible as being like a mirror. When we look into the mirror of God’s Word, we begin to see what kind of people we are. Sometimes that view is not very pleasant. It can be easy to turn away and forget unless we become doers of God’s Word. LifeWay's Explore the Bible Study: Obedience, explores this in the book of James.

We often respond to stressful situations or other pressures with ungodly actions, which derail our path toward growing in spiritual maturity. In today’s passage, James challenges believers not to cave into pressures, treat people poorly, or turn to sin when we are facing trials. In the middle of his challenge, he uses the analogy of a mirror to emphasize his main point.

This week's downloadable teaching ideas provide two options for helping groups focus on the TARGET of the session. 
  • Option One: Mirror (One full length or one or more hand-held mirrors. If you use a full length mirror, position it where group members will see it as then enter the room. If you use a hand-held mirror, ask one person to begin passing it around the room as the group enters. You don’t have to explain why. Just begin passing it around. Ask (Once most of the group has arrived): Why do people stop and look in mirrors when they see them?
  • Option Two: Cell Phone “Selfies” (As the group enters). Ask several individuals to open their cell phone cameras as if they were going to take “selfies.” They should begin passing their phones around the room, encouraging everyone to check out what they look like through the camera. You could also consider inviting everyone to open the cameras on their phones, take “selfies,” and then show them to others in the group. Ask, "When you were taking the selfie, did you make sure you looked o.k.? Why didn’t you just take the picture based on what you remember you looked like after you got up and got ready for the day?"
The following paraphrase is provided as an optional closing. Consider reading or providing copies as the group departs:
A Paraphrase of James 1:22-25

"Those who hear the Word but don’t become doers of the Word think they have learned but have been deceived.

They think if they experienced a great discussion, gained some Bible knowledge, and experienced a great presentation that they have learned.

They come and study God’s Word each week, but it makes no difference in how they live during the week.

They forget what they study. It is like looking in a mirror and then forgetting what you look like.

They come to Bible study, open the mirror of God’s Word, and they see what manner of men they really are. But when they leave, they don’t continue to look in the mirror of God’s Word during the week.

They soon forget what they learned.

Those who look into the mirror of God’s Word ,and it changes their speech, the way they live, and the way they treat people, they are doers of the Word.

They will not quickly forget what God has said, but they will mature into the people God intends for them to be."

Challenge your group to live by the following principle:

Don't tell me what you know; show me!


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