Explore the Bible Study: True Fruit

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I grew up in central Florida in a town called Frostproof. My dad, as well as many others in our small town, owned fruit (oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, etc) groves. I learned a lot while working with my dad in the grove. While I didn't appreciate it then, I now look back on those days and understand more fully his love for this work. That education in the grove has also helped me understand more fully what it means for me and all believers in Christ to produce the right kind of fruit. This is why the study of Galatians 5:13-26 is so special as Paul describes the good and the bad fruit that can be produced in a person's life. This is our focus in this week's Explore the Bible Study: True Fruit.

The study uses the fruit grove analogy throughout. I suggest you bring a bag of oranges or apples to your group session for illustration. Or, you might want to prepare a fruit tray to share with the group and to use as a part of your ongoing discussion. The downloadable teaching ideas provide more instructions on how to do this.

Paul contrasts the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives and the fruit (singular) He produces versus the works (plural) of the flesh. Use your material and additional helps to help your group understand these contrasts and to emphasize the power of the Holy Spirit to produce His good fruit in us.

Video Option: The following video could be used at the end to illustrate how a man, once enslaved to the "works of the flesh" (Galatians 5:19-21), is not producing the fruit of the Spirit in his life.

Did you know that fruit trees can produce two types of fruit from one tree? Most trees are grafted. For example, lemon trees are used in grafting with orange trees. If the tree has not been given proper care, the lemon tree can begin to grow from the tree as well. The result is unhealthy fruit. The lemons aren’t good, nor are the oranges. This weakens the tree.

This is what “works of the flesh” does to a believer. These works sprout up in our lives and rob the good fruit of needed nutrients. They choke out the good fruit that the Spirit desires to produce. This is why constant care should be taken in our walk with Christ. Like a fruit grove or orchard, ongoing nurture, good nutrients, pruning, and other activities are required in order to assure that good fruit is produced. If you are a believer, the Spirit resides in you; therefore you can produce good fruit!

I pray you will be able to communicate this clearly to your group this week.


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