Explore The Bible Study: Jesus Calls

9:22 AM

Why should anyone follow Jesus? This is probably a question many unbelievers ask. How would you respond? Would you say that following Jesus is "worth it"? I hope so. In this week's Explore the Bible Study: Jesus Calls, this question will be explored as we begin to look at the Gospel of Mark.

Consider beginning the Bible study session by completing the following statement:  "The leaders I will follow should be . . ."

Then focus on Mark 1:9-13 with the baptism of Jesus and Satan's temptation of Jesus while in the wilderness. As you examine these passages, identify the qualities Jesus exhibited that would make Him someone worth following. The Supplemental Teaching Ideas provide questions to guide the discussion.

Once you consider this, examine Jesus' invitation to the Galilean fishermen, Simon, Andrew, James and John, to follow Him in Mark 1:14-20. Consider this context as you read the passage:
  • Jesus’ invitation, "follow Me," can also be translated “come behind Me.” It was not a practice of the time, as far as we know, for Jewish teachers (rabbis) to actively recruit followers. Usually a young man who desired to pursue becoming a rabbi would seek out a rabbi. He would then be vetted by the rabbi with hopes of hearing the words, “follow me.”
  • Imagine you are one of these fishermen. You have probably missed out on any opportunity to become a student of a rabbi, so you are working your father's fishing business. Most likely, you will inherit that business and continue the family trade.
  • Now this teacher (Jesus) walks by and says, “Follow Me.”
  • What's even more amazing is when Jesus says, "I will make you fish for people.
Here is the bottom line for these men and for all who follow Jesus.
The word “make” is a picture of a potter working to shape something into what it is not – i.e. a piece of clay into a bowl.  Jesus invited them to become what they weren’t. It wasn’t about gaining wealth or power. It was about relationship and purpose. These fishermen would now have a relationship with the Son of God and purpose greater than wealth, power, inheritance, or the family business. They would be shaped into people who could be used by God for His purposes.

This truly does make following Jesus "worth it"!

PowerPoint Option
There is a PowerPoint option provided that can be used to guide the discussion this week. The link is below.


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