Explore The Bible Study: Reunited

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God’s plans are never thwarted by the sinful actions of humanity. Because of Joseph's relationship with God, he understood this. His understanding and faith in God enabled him to overcome bitterness and offer forgiveness. This is what LifeWay's Explore The Bible Study: Reunited, from Genesis 45, will focus on.

The reconciliation of Joseph with his brothers is a beautiful picture of how followers of Christ should respond to those who have wronged them. Yet, we must acknowledge that this picture of reconciliation is very difficult to attain. As you study and lead a group, consider helping everyone wrestle with whether or not they have forgiven those who have wronged them - in the workplace, the home, extended family, the church, or somewhere else.

We can learn a lot from Joseph's perspective and response to the brothers who wanted to kill him, threw him in a pit, and then sold him into slavery. If anyone had a right to be vindictive or to gloat over his accomplishments, it would have been Joseph. But he didn't. He recognized God's plan in the midst of all the difficulties; therefore, he was able to forgive.

Video Option: The following video could be used to introduce the study. The supplemental teaching ideas provide suggestions on how to use the video along with some very challenging discussion questions.

When we have been wronged by others it is difficult, even for believers, to offer forgiveness. The natural human inclination is to settle the score or get even. Showing mercy can be messy, pushing us to the limits of our comfort zones. When we refuse to choose to forgive, we rob ourselves of the joy of reconciliation, and we fail to model the grace God has shown to us by offering us forgiveness through Jesus Christ.


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