Explore The Bible Study: Be Responsible and Respectful

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Respect is very important in families. When respect erodes, relationships begin to disintegrate. This is true in families and in churches as well. It is so true that the Apostle Paul, other New Testament writers, and Jesus addressed the relationships in the church as if it were a family. That is because it is a family! This is why this week's Explore the Bible Study: Be Responsible and Respectful is so relevant.

In 1 Timothy 5:1-21, the Apostle Paul gives specific instruction regarding how to take care of people inside the church, but this does not remove responsibility to look for ways to share Christ through ministry outside of the church body. More importantly, the way we care for those inside the church should become a witness to those watching us.

If our love of and care for one another isn't healthy, why should we expect someone who doesn't know Christ to desire to be a part of this family? As you walk the group through the passages, consider using some of the following ideas that are included in the Supplemental Teaching Ideas.

RESPECT Acrostic
Lead the group to build application of the passage using the word RESPECT as an acrostic. Provide the first two descriptions based on 1 Timothy 5:1-2 -- "Rebuke not" or "don't Rebuke" and "Exhort."

Guide the group to complete the acrostic with words or phrases that will help them remember Paul's instructions regarding how we are to treat those who are a part of the household of God.

Explore The Bible Blog Post
There is a good overview of Paul's instructions in this week's Explore the Bible Blog Post. Click here to check it out.

Families have to work at being "healthy." This doesn’t come naturally because of our sin nature. This is true in churches as well. The church is described in Scripture with terms that we would use to describe families. The terms, “brothers,” “sisters,” “elders,” “family” are just a few terms used to describe the church. As believers we are part of God’s family and we have to learn how to live as a family. This week's session will help your group learn more about what they can do in order to live as family.


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