Explore The Bible Study: On Mission

8:54 AM

When you see someone dressed in a uniform, what are your first thoughts? Usually a uniform gives us certain impressions of the lifestyle, actions, and work of the individual. As believers we wear the “uniform” of Christ. Our lifestyle and actions should bring glory to that “uniform” and reflect the mission to which we are called – to share and show the good news of Jesus. This is the focus of LifeWay's Explore the Bible Study: On Mission.

The passage this week will include 2 Timothy 2:1-15. Everything Paul addresses is something with which we are having to deal in our culture today. With that said, it includes some passages that could bring about some challenging conversations. Be sure to prayerfully study and ask God to help you wisely share the Truth of the Scriptures while engaging your group.

We live in a culture that is quickly becoming very similar to the Ephesus culture from which the believers had been saved. Paul knew he had to help them understand how to live a life that reflected Christ and not that of the culture.

This session also includes a discussion of prayer for our leaders. This is very applicable considering the political climate of our culture today and the recent call to prayer for the President of the United States by Franklin Graham. You will have a chance to discuss much of this during this session. Be sensitive and remember the TARGET of this session:

Believers are to be mindful of how they represent God in this world.

Note: There is much more in this passage than could possibly be covered in one session. Hopefully the Supplemental Teaching Ideas will help you better communicate the Truth of this passage.


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