Explore the Bible Study: Raised!

9:24 PM

I love a great sunrise or sunset. To me it demonstrates God's wondrous work, His power, and His faithfulness. With the rising of the sun on this unique Easter Sunday, we get to celebrate our resurrected Savior in very unique ways as we study the Explore the Bible Study: Raised!

Imagine you were one of Jesus’ followers, waking to the sunrise in the days following Christ’s death and burial.  All your dreams were shattered. The One whom you had followed, the One whom you had observed healing the sick and speaking such profound truth with power, the One whom everyone celebrated with shouts of “Hosanna” (Matthew 21:9) just days earlier, the One who provided so much hope, was now dead.

But then came the sunrise on that Resurrection morning! That sunrise welcomed a demonstration of God’s handiwork that caused everything else in His creation to pale in comparison. With that sunrise came the event that changed the course of history. It is an event where sin was vanquished and death was conquered, where reconciliation was made between God and man through Jesus Christ, where access was given to God for all who believe in Jesus Christ, where those who were once enemies of God could now be at peace with God. It was an event that gives hope to those who believe, not only in the present but eternally! Not only was a new day dawning but a new life was beginning.

My thoughts are much better read than heard, but I have continued to strive to deliver a better quality video. Hopefully the video delivery will continue to improve with time. You could use the video in the following ways:
  • "Video lesson" -- If you aren't comfortable teaching online, then share the video link with your group on Easter Sunday morning. 
  • Share with Absentees -- If someone misses your online group gathering, share the video link and encourage them to continue to study God's Word. 
  • Teaching Ideas -- Use it personally as you prepare to teach your group online this Easter Sunday.

The downloadable teaching ideas are designed to help you communicate with your group in an online video setting or via email. I have also included some video clips from others that you could use during your online session or email in advance as a way to help your group continue to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ.

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