Explore the Bible Study: When God Calls

1:56 PM

Do you really trust God enough to risk comforts and security to act upon His will? This is the focus of this weeks Explore the Bible study, When God Calls, which is based upon Abram's call in Genesis 12:1-9.

Stepping out in faith to respond to God's call usually causes mixed feelings in most of us. Imagine, however, that you are the man we now know as Abraham, a man God called to step out in faith in a much more radical way. God speaks to Abram about a journey that will take him to a land he has never seen, and through experiences he can't even imagine, yet he does obey!

You will need a map of the migration of Abraham to reference during this study. There are several available in the ETB materials and many Bibles will have a maps section as well. I strongly suggest that you challenge your group to examine whether they truly would respond to God's call with faith and obedience.


After the Dropbox file opens,
choose "Download,"
save to your computer,
open and print from your computer, not Dropbox.

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