Explore the Bible: Wait for a Promise

3:57 PM

How hard is it to wait for a promise from God to become a reality? This week's Explore the Bible study of Genesis 15:1-16 reveals the answer to this question as the study of Abram's life continues. Your session should be aimed at the following TARGET:

"We should trust and remain faithful to God, 
knowing He has a sovereign plan, 
even when we do not understand His timing."

While we all  know this to be true, acting upon it is difficult. But we have examples all around us of how God does keep His promises and can be trusted with the most obvious example being that of Salvation!

I hope the study will help your group consider steps they can take to remain focused on trusting God for their lives and their future.


After the Dropbox file opens,
choose "Download,"
save to your computer,
open and print from your computer, not Dropbox.

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