Explore the Bible: Faith Demonstrated

5:30 AM

No matter what we face in life, followers of Christ are able to demonstrate faith in Christ. There are two key attitudes that help us demonstrate this kind of faith - humility before God and an acknowledgment of His authority over all things. Sadly, these actions aren't very popular in our society today. Many times they are viewed as weaknesses rather than strengths. We want what we want, when we want it, because we deserve it. And, we will challenge any authority to get what we want. Maybe that is why fewer individuals in our culture are willing to respond to the gospel today. But this is where faith begins, and this is the focus of this week's Explore the Bible study: Faith Demonstrated.

As we explore Matthew 8:5-13 we will discover a faith in Christ that was demonstrated by someone who had no reason to be humble or to respect authority other than that of the Roman government. He was a Roman citizen and soldier. He had control of his region; he probably commanded 100 men;  he didn't need anyone, especially anyone of Jewish origin, to help him.

Yet, because one of his servants was sick, he was looking for an answer. In his time of need he knew enough about Christ to turn to Him. He humbled himself and acknowledged His authority resulting in an amazing lesson from Christ related to faith and the gospel.

Below are some resources you might want to consider using:

For Research: ETB Video contrasting Matthew 8 and Luke 7: CLICK TO VIEW


After the Dropbox file opens choose DOWNLOAD and print once it is downloaded.

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