Explore the Bible: Entrusted

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We have been entrusted with the message of the gospel, so how well are we doing? We know that, as believers, we receive the Holy Spirit and He empowers us as witnesses. We know this intellectually, but are we expressing this in our daily walk as we are expected to? This is the great challenge we will focus on today as we begin our study of the Book of Acts in this week's Explore the Bible session, Entrusted.

We are coming together, not just to study the book of Acts, but to seek understanding that will help us live out our faith as the early Christians did as they overcame political, racial, cultural, and socio-economic barriers to share the gospel. It was more than a personal choice, it was the transforming power of the Holy Spirit in the lives of obedient believers that enabled them to share with confidence, courage, and compassion to everyone, especially to those who weren’t like them.


Animated Overview Acts

Sample Discussion Questions
  • For Acts 1:4-5: What was the significance of the promise of the Holy Spirit concerning the mission Jesus' followers had been entrusted with (see Matthew 28:18-20)? Why do you suppose Jesus instructed His followers not to leave Jerusalem, but to wait? Why didn’t they just go on their way and receive the Holy Spirit wherever they were? Do we have to wait for the Holy Spirit in order to go and share the gospel? (No; we just have to discern His timing and direction. He has already come and is actively working in, through, and around us.)
  • For Acts 1:6-8: Can we get caught up in looking toward the Second Coming as much as they got caught up in an earthly kingdom? Can we miss out on what Jesus expects from us now because we are always looking toward the future? What was to be their responsibility once the Holy Spirit had come? (To be His witnesses.) Do you think they were surprised when He emphasized the expectation that they were to be witnesses?
  • For Acts 1:9-11 or for LOOK OUT (Application): What are examples of how believers might get caught gazing upward when we need to be witnessing to those around us? How well are you living out the mission Jesus entrusted to His followers—to tell everyone about Him through the power of the Holy Spirit? Does the future hope you have in Christ cause you to boldly proclaim the gospel? If not, why?  Does the future hope you have in Christ help you overcome any fear you might have of sharing your faith? If not, why? Does the fact that those who don’t know Christ will be separated eternally from Him in Hell motivate you to share your faith? If not, why?

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