Explore the Bible Study: Resurrected!

11:49 AM

The risen Christ separates Christianity from all other religions! I find it interesting that those who might scoff at, or doubt Christ's resurrection still look for some kind of hope for themselves in the afterlife. These same people will say that their loved ones or friends have "gone to a better place" or are now looking down on them from the "big house in the sky," while scoffing and doubting the resurrection of Jesus Christ. You see, in the recesses of every human soul God has placed a desire, a curiosity, or a hope for life after death. It is this longing that should point us to Jesus Christ, the risen Savior! He doesn't just offer the promise of eternal life but a life filled with hope, joy, and peace through a personal relationship with Him. That is the focus of the Explore the Bible study: Resurrected!

The resurrection of Christ was the crowning sign of His claim to be the Messiah. The faith of those who followed Him was not misplaced. Jesus was the Son of God, and He brought them salvation and hope for the future!

There isn't a sample teaching plan this week to download, but here are some items you might want to reference as you prepare to lead your group:
Enjoy the following video as you consider the hope we have in Christ because of what was described in Luke 24:6-8.

Happy Easter!

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