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As believers, we depend on a power source that comes from the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. His empowerment is with a purpose that transcends our personal needs and desires. It is for the purpose of helping fulfill the impossible - to be witnesses to the world about the gospel of Jesus Christ (Acts 1:8). This is the focus of this week's Explore the Bible study, Empowered. 

In  our study of Acts 2:1-15, we will examine all that took place to those who obeyed and waited on God. We will examine their response to the work of the Holy Spirit as God inaugurated and empowered His church for the mission of being witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth! Their mission is our mission. They were empowered, and we are empowered by the Holy Spirit!

Study Helps
I discovered two great articles that help us understand the vital importance of the church moving forward to share the gospel with the power of the Holy Spirit. You might find them helpful as you study Acts 2.
Possible Questions to Ask During Your Study

For Acts 2:1-4
  • Read: Acts 1:14. Why was unity and obedience so important for this group? Considering why they were waiting and the expectation given to them earlier in Acts 1:8, what do you suppose they were praying about? Through prayer, personally evaluate whether you are as committed to this kind of unity. 
  • Suppose all of us who are believers were this united in prayer today; what might be different about the church? About our culture? 
  • How much of our prayers are centered on being witnesses in our community and the world or The Great Commission?
  • Do we really expect the Holy Spirit to work through us and our churches today?
  • Do we limit what we think the Holy Spirit can do through us when we assume that those around us don’t or can’t understand the gospel? 
  • What should change in our prayer lives, based on the mission God has given the church? What should change in our actions based on the work of the Holy Spirit?
  • What can we glean from this powerful work of the Holy Spirit as we consider the barriers we face today?
For Acts 2:5-13
  • What were the responses of the crowd that gathered? (confused, astounded, amazed, and some sneered) 
  • What does this communicate to us regarding our fears of how people might respond when we witness as individuals; as the church?
  • What was the message they heard in their own language? (the magnificent acts of God) 
  • What do you suppose was included in the message they heard? Do you think they heard the message of Salvation through Jesus Christ? 
  • When we think of witnessing, do we think about the specific message of the gospel as something we need to specifically share, or do we think of only doing good works and being kind to everyone?
For Acts 2:14-15
  • Brainstorm everything you know about Simon Peter. What does what we know about Peter communicate to us regarding God's forgiveness and the Holy Spirit's empowering?
For LOOK OUT (Application)
How might these statements indicate that we are disobeying or aren’t trusting in the Holy Spirit to empower us to be witnesses?
  • We need to be careful how much we say; they might not like us.
  • We don’t need to share the gospel with people because they don’t want to hear it anymore.
  • We need to build relationships with people with hopes that they will follow Christ one day. Witnessing to people without first knowing them is just not the way to go.
  • Doing good things for the needy is how we share the gospel. They will see Christ through the good works that we do.
  • We need the right event with awesome lighting, speakers, and music to get these people excited about God, and then they will respond to the gospel.
  • We need to wait for people to attend our services before we share the gospel. If they want to hear it they will come to church.
We should certainly seek to understand those to whom we are witnessing, and live a life that reflects the goodness of Christ but that isn’t all there is to being witnesses. We should seek to provide a quality environment for worship and Bible study when possible. But, what is more vital is to understand that we are to be witnesses and that we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to be witnesses anywhere, anytime, with anyone in any environment.


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