Explore the Bible Study: Experiencing Forgiveness (Changed Title)

6:22 PM

Helping others know that they can be forgiven is easy. Helping others feel as if they are forgiven is another story. David wants us to learn from his own devastating sin how to seek forgiveness and experience the full restoration that comes from God when we are forgiven. He is our teacher for our study of the sequel to Psalm 51 which is Psalm 32 as we focus on this week's Explore the Bible Study: Experiencing Forgiveness from LifeWay

As you have noticed, I have tweaked the title. I have also included a TARGET for the session that focuses on the following:

When we have experienced God’s forgiveness we can and should teach others how they can experience forgiveness and renewal.

Check out this blog post from Explore the Bible and consider sharing some of the content: 10 Things God Does With Our Sin

Included with this week's session is a PowerPoint option. Feel free to tweak and use as appropriate with your group.


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