Explore the Bible Study: Reluctance

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Imagine being asked to do or help with something that seems impossible, overwhelming, or takes you out of your comfort zone. Moses was asked to do something seemingly impossible. God wanted him to go back to Egypt, the homeland he had left 40 years earlier, and to rescue the people of God from the slavery, tyranny, and oppression of the Egyptians. This is how we begin LifeWay's Explore the Bible study of the book of Exodus.

The challenge of this study is to help your group understand that, God's rescue plan in the Exodus points to His grand plan of redemption through Christ. As God invites Moses, He invites us to be a part of His plan to rescue and redeem the lost. The question for all of us is, "How will or do we respond?"

While there are many more themes that could be discussed as you look at this passage, be sure to zero in on the TARGET: God invites, expects, and empowers His people to be involved in His plan to redeem the lost.

There are numerous illustrations that could be used from those responding to rescue people caught in the floods of Hurricane Harvey. Here are a couple I suggest using.
  • LOOK UP (TO FOCUS ATTENTION): This week a man from a local church was sent by his company to help with the rescue and clean up in the Houston area due to Hurricane Harvey. He was to pack immediately, get on a plane for Dallas, pick up equipment, and drive to the Houston area. His company purchased a one-way ticket for him, and he was told that he needed to plan on being there long-term, possibly as long as 3 months. He is married and has two little girls.  Ask: What if you were asked to do this? What would your response be? 
  • FOR EXODUS 3:7-10: During this week’s floods in Houston, there was a desperate message and horrifying photo on social media. It was a message and photo showing four children asleep on a counter in a flooded kitchen, including a little girl reportedly on a ventilator. “Still trying to get a water rescue,” the message said. “Please send some help quick.” (Washington Post). State: There are people around you longing and waiting to be rescued from sin. They need your help! We don’t need a burning bush experience in order to know what God expects from us as believers.
Review all the excuses Moses presented to God described in Exodus 3 and Exodus 4:  
  • Who am I to be used by God? - Exodus 3:11
  • I don’t know enough about you God. - Exodus 3:13
  • What if they don’t believe me (fear of failure). - Exodus 4:1
  • I’m not a good speaker. - Exodus 4:10
  • I just don’t want to do it; send someone else. - Exodus 4:13
Lead the group to evaluate which excuse they hide behind when it comes to joining God in His plan to redeem the lost.

The following LIfeWay video will help you gain an understanding of the entire series as you prepare to teach.

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