Explore The Bible Study: The Protector

10:24 AM

It seems everywhere you go people are talking about the solar eclipse that is taking place on August 21. Everyone has been told they need certified protective glasses, but, sadly, there have been a lot of vendors who have sold counterfeits which could lead to eye damage. In this week's Explore The Bible Study: The Protector, David tells of of another type of protection we need. Through King David's prayer in Psalm 141:1-10 we can come to understand more fully how to pray to God for protection from sin that seeks to destroy us.

Suggestions For This Study

  • Display a pair of sunglasses or a pair of the certified eclipse glasses to begin your discussion.
  • Use a group activity to brainstorm ways in which various activities during the week can affect our speech and our desires. Examples could include Facebook, friends, movies, commercials, TV shows, news, and books.
  • Optional PowerPoint: CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
  • Consider using the following video clip to illustrate the request David makes regarding traps in Psalm 141:9-10.

Directions on how to use all of these suggestions can be found in the downloadable teaching plan ideas.

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PDF Version

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