Explore The Bible Study: Confrontation

2:42 PM

The battle to determine the greatest football team for this season has begun. For those who binged on football over the weekend, it was a great time to watch teams confront each other on the gridiron to determine who would prevail. This week's Explore The Bible Study: Confrontation focuses on an entirely different battle. It is a battle between the false god of Egypt and the One True God. At every turn, God chooses to demonstrate His power through Moses and Aaron.

These verses provide opportunities to challenge the group to consider how people respond when God demonstrates His power through natural disasters, cataclysmic events, and through the blessings they experience. Lead your group to determine how they should respond as believers in joining God in demonstrating to a lost world the greatness of God and His power to save people from their sins through Jesus Christ.

Here is a song from the 80's that you might want to use to guide the discussion of how we represent Christ to the world compared to how Moses represented God to Pharaoh as described in Exodus 7:1-5.

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