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Christ in the Tabernacle by Frank H. White. Available at wordsearchbible.com
"Great Job!" If you have ever had someone say this to you it feels pretty good. You feel as if you delivered something great and met expectations. What if Moses was the one inspecting your work and you were following guidelines passed down from God? How would you be feeling as the inspection began? This is where the final session from Exodus in LifeWay's Explore the Bible Study: His Presence begins.

Below are some questions and expanded Scripture passages that you might want to add to your teaching plan. More details are provided with the downloadable teaching plans.

Exodus 39:32-43 (Expanded beyond ETB’s suggested passage)
  • How do you suppose the people felt when Moses blessed them? What words would you have included in the blessing had you been Moses?
  • Twice these passages state, “The Israelites had done all the work according to everything the LORD had commanded Moses” (vss. 32 & 42). Do believers today view obedience to leaders and God the same way the Israelites did?
  • How would a leader affirming your obedience affect your walk with the Lord?
  • How would you feel today if a church leader inspected your work to determine if you had fully obeyed God?
Exodus 40:1-16 (Expanded beyond ETB’s suggested passage)
  • Who has helped someone arrange furniture in a room? What was your experience? Did you  question how the person wanted the furniture arranged?
  • Why was it so important for the instructions to be followed? For what was God preparing the Israelites and all mankind?
  • Every item and its placement in the tabernacle illustrated something about God’s unfolding plan for redemption of man through Jesus Christ.
Repeatedly, God tells Moses to “anoint” and “consecrate” items, Aaron, and Aaron’s sons.
  • What does this communicate regarding how the tabernacle should be treated and viewed?
  • How can we apply this to our lives as God’s dwelling places? 
  • How can we apply this to our time together worshipping as a church?
Exodus 40:34-38
  • What did you notice regarding the Israelites' response to God’s presence? 
  • Who could see or know that God was present?
  • Was there ever a time when God was not present during their journey?
  • How does this compare with the way God leads His people today?
  • How does knowing that God is present give someone the confidence to follow God and join Him in His work?
  • As a believer, do you live your life in a constant awareness of the presence of God?
If you do live in a constant awareness of God’s presence, how should that change:
  • The way you worship?
  • The way you serve?
  • The way you talk about your faith?
  • The way you obey?
  • The way you live from day-to-day?
At this point, the Israelites were at the best point in their journey from Egypt to the Promised Land. They had obeyed God and experienced His pleasure and His presence! We should strive to live with this goal in mind as well. When we are obeying, we get to enjoy the pleasure and presence of God without regret. What a gift and opportunity God gives us! Seek to remove anything that would take away from enjoying God’s presence and experiencing His pleasure.

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